The currently most used control agent for pest rodents is the poison bait, which, once eaten, causes internal bleeding in rodents leading to a protracted, agonizing death. Snap traps that kill mice and rats instantly and on site are rarely used professionally – even though this solution is the lesser evil for everyone involved. Why is that?

As always, it comes down to costs. While poison baits only have to be checked or replaced once a month, law requires daily visits for snap traps in order to comply with animal welfare laws. Having a pest controller visit every 24 hours just isn't doable financially for the majority of food businesses. This high-labor approach to using snap traps is also not particularly efficient, because statistically speaking the trap is empty in 9 times out of 10, making frequent visits unnecessarily costly.

Too bad, since toxic baits for rodent control are not only less efficient than snap traps (in some cases, the animals are even completely poison-resistant), they also have catastrophic consequences for the food businesses deploying them. Rotting, smelling carcasses damage the businesses' reputation. Sometimes even construction measures become necessary to remove the remains of rodents that instinctively moved into a dark corner. The poisoned animal also poses a great risk for food production and predators. But legal hurdles usually only allow working with poison as the only economically sensible solution.

how is traplinked changing that?

We have automated snap trap monitoring. Traplinked has therefore factored out the most expensive part – daily checks performed by humans. Instead of a person, the Jerry module now keeps an eye on the snap traps and reports any activity immediately. Traplinked combines the efficiency and accuracy of snap traps with cost-effectiveness and enables the pest controller to offer their customers an unprecedented level of hygiene and pest treatment – at an unrivaled price!

Even better! The productivity of a pest control technician increases simultaneously with the increase in service quality. Due to the fact that rodent treatment becomes an on-demand only job, and a snap traps doesn't produce demand in 9 out of 10 cases, there are nine customers for every customer visited that (on paper) don't have to be checked on in the same period.

Legislators have recently started to tighten restrictions on the usage of toxic bait. traplinked wants to be part of the process of replacing toxic baits with more effective, time and cost saving methods. We want to eliminate unnecessary animal suffering and improve food safety and sustainability through increased hygiene. We are eager to expand our product portfolio and ecosystem in order to become even more attractive for pest controlers and to make the switch easier.