traplinked software hardware schematic

The JERRY module is located in the center of the snap trap tunnel. By using magnetic switches, the device checks the triggering status of the traps at regular intervals that can be set by the user. As soon as something happens, JERRY triggers an alarm. The module is conveniently connected to the WiFi that is usually available on site anyway or to a mobile WiFi router. Securely encrypted, your JERRY modules send status messages (so-called heartbeats) to the traplinked servers, where the traplinked app retrieves them.

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the traplinked technology

   1. trap triggers

   2. JERRY module sends message to router

   3. signal is forwarded to server

   4. pest controller receives message

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Since the Jerry module reports redundantly (i.e. even if no impact trap has been triggered) ensures that the statutory 24-hour monitoring periods are met. If Jerry does not emit any sign of life within the predefined interval, the software user is prompted to manually check the status of the trap.

Jerry is robust, weatherproof and therefore resistant to all common locations of impact traps. We have equipped the device with rechargeable batteries that can operate for up to 1.5 years on a single charge, depending on the heartbeat frequency that is set.




When we call our traplinked case "Plug & Play", we mean it.
Check out this video to see how easily and quickly you can put traplinked systems into operation on site!

NagTag Tunnel und SpeedBreak Tunnel Jerry
NagTag Tunnel und SpeedBreak Tunnel Jerry 2


The flexible JERRY system is available in different versions. In the fight against the mouse JERRY sits in the popular nagtag or SpeedBreak impact trap tunnel with impact traps from the quality manufacturer KNESS.

Due to the fact that the module is located inside the tunnel, the placement of the tunnel is not restricted!

Included in delivery:

  • JERRY module
  • Batteries
  • NagTag or SpeedBreak impact trap tunnel
  • KNESS impact traps with magnetic holder

The system can be ordered in different package sizes conveniently in the traplinked online store!

Rattenboxen und Metalltunnel Jerry


JERRY also fits into RAT cage stations. By using a module-fitting bridge between the beating traps, the function is ensured. Here, too, the placing inside the tunnel is an advantage when it comes to the placement of the product.

Since JERRY is robust and weatherproof, nothing stops it from being used in outdoor areas.

Included in delivery are:

  • JERRY module
  • Batteries
  • Inlay for mounting
  • nagtag stainless steel tunnel, AF rat bait box or nagtag rat bait box
  • KNESS impact traps with magnetic holder

The system can be ordered in different package sizes conveniently in the traplinked online store!

traplinked Software Router

no wifi on-site?

The Jerry module communicates with the server via WiFi. In most cases, a WiFi network is available at the installation site. But what if it is not? What if you can't get access? No big deal - with mobile WiFi routers, you bring your own WiFi with you. We have summarized the most important information for you.

traplinked free test case


Discover the traplinked ecosystem and experience the benefits of traplinked's Plug & Play system - switch on the devices - and you're good to go.

Try out the traplinked system free of charge for a two week period. The traplinked test case makes it possible!