traplinked Software Router


How mobile routers work

A mobile WLAN router receives Internet from cell towers via an inserted SIM card and offers it in the form of a WLAN hotspot to Internet-enabled devices within a certain radius for further use. The technology is encased in a very light housing the size of a hand. The size allows it to be stored under shelves and counters, and the low weight makes it possible to place it in suspended ceilings - our customers have sometimes had particularly good experiences with the latter location.

Alcatel WiFi router

Make yourself independent of your customer's WiFi network and set up your own WiFi infrastructure!

  • No access to the customer WLAN? No problem! Insert SIM card and connect traps.
  • Bring the WiFi network to places that do not have internet!

A continuous power supply is required to operate this WiFi router.

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The perfect SIM card for your mobile WLAN router! The M2M-SIM cards from traplinked are ideally aligned to the needs of traplinked devices:

  • Supply up to 200 traplinked devices with one SIM card
  • Connection to all German mobile networks
  • Maximum cost efficiency thanks to more precise data clocking than with conventional SIM cards
  • Always enough data volume thanks to flexible data pooling
  • No administrative effort - traplinked takes care of all the details for you
  • Efficiency guaranteed: All web addresses not connected to traplinked are blocked, preventing accidental data consumption

Best of all: Order this SIM card together with a mobile WLAN router or a deployment kit and we'll do the setup for you! So once you receive your order, all you need to do is switch it on - done!

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