"Tim Kirchhof was pleased to hear the words from the mouth of a professional. Julia Klöckner, the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, had just told the young founder what she thought of his invention. And the CDU politician's statement was clear. 'I desperately need what you're doing there.'"


"Frisches Wasser aus Gülle" by Daniel Schleidt, originaly published in German, 10.10.2019

"The enthusiasm of our test customer [...] has made the the potential of the new technology clear to us. The intelligent snap traps help us to be able to offer a better service. Above all, though the more effective control and the more targeted possibilities, it is clear to us that the future of pest control lies in the development of such new technologies."


Danilo Bischoff, Technical Manager & Junior CEO at IHD Nürnberg, originally cited in German

"With a smart mouse trap and app to monitor it, traplinked effectively and efficiently supports companies in the food production industry in the permanent task of combating rodents. A very interesting market, with just under 1 million food companies in Germany alone, needs nearly 8 million traps." (originally cited in German)


"The technology start-up from Nuremberg digitizes pest control. 'We produce remote-controlled automatic mouse and rat traps and accompanying software', says founder Tim Kirchhof, describing his business idea. [...] His intelligent rodent traps are intended to help the around 960,000 food companies depart from the use of toxic poison baits."


"Pitchen um die Gunst der Investoren" by Thomas Künzel in DLG. Originaly published in German, 11/2019

"In general, we share your opinion that this system can minimize animal suffering caused by snap traps."

Daniela Rickert, Head of Veterinary Office, Nuremberg