Tim Kirchhof traplinked


After two semesters of energy technology at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Tim Kirchhof (21) switched to studying mechanical engineering, which he is now pursuing in parallel with traplinked. As part of a working student job at IHD, a pest control company, Tim became aware of problems within the industry. In search of solutions, Tim founded traplinked GmbH. Sociability, determination and inventiveness are just some of the strengths with which he leads his team.

Marcus Menzel traplinked


Marcus Menzel (19) discovered hardware and software development for himself at a young age. Starting with the repair of old game consoles and pogramming of microprocessors, Marcus acquired a lot of knowledge in electrical engineering. He is currently expanding his expertise with a course in mechanical engineering at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (that he attends parallel to traplinked). Marcus' ingenuity, rationality and craftsmanship make him an ideal fit as the lead product developer at traplinked.

Sebastian Scherer traplinked


Sebastian Scherer (28) has never stayed in one place for long – an ideal prerequisite for his role as sales representative at traplinked! When Sebastian ist not on tour, the technology journalist helps to spread the word the by conjuring up articles, advertisements and videos. In addition to a wide range of skills, Sebastian is characterized above all by cosmopolitanism, eloquence and fast comprehension.

Patrick Herrler traplinked


Patrick Herrler (38) has long been a software enthusiast. For this reason, he got his diploma (yes, it was a bit ago) in computer science. He already has more than 10 years of professional experience as an independent software developer. Patrick likes clean code and is alway open to new technologies that open up exciting opportunities. With a sense of responsibility, foresight and adaptability, he now supports traplinked as senior software architect.

Tim Reiche traplinked


Tim Reiche (23) brings an economical background to the company. At traplinked, Tim now has the opportunity to combine his business interests with his enthusiasm for digital media creation that has been raging since childhood. Tim loves Excel spreadsheets as well as animations in Adobe After Effects. Appropriately, Tim is characterized by creativity, discipline and an enthusiasm for learning.


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