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A digital pest control system is a combination of wireless communication and sensor technology that provides 24/7 monitoring of pest activity at multiple sites and sends real-time notifications to the user. With digital pest control, your control points are data points and help you to better understand infestation development and how to target them with prevention. The concept and benefits of digital pest control are explained in detail in our blog post – Click here to learn more!

Great that you are interested in digital pest control! We sell to pest controllers exlusively but offer consultation services to businesses and pest controllers regarding digital pest control. If you are looking for a pest controller, who uses digital trap systems from traplinked, please visit our portal Would like your current pest controller to provide digital pest control services? Feel free to contact us here. We are ready to help!

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Traplinked operates throughout Europe and has a wide network of partners. You can either purchase directly through our webshop or via our partners. In BENELUX you can buy our products through Killgerm BENELUX. In Scandinavia our products are distributed through our partner TrapMe. In addition, large retailers such as PPS, EPM and Killgerm are also our partners.

You are not in Europe? No problem! Please contact our sales team and we will find a solution together.

We sell only to pest controllers. Therefore, our prices are given only to pest controllers. If you would like to receive a price list, simply register in our webshop and download our price list on the homepage. The registration process is easy and convenient.

You can find the manuals for all traplinked products on the manuals page:

traplinked provides several connectivity options to help you work as flexibly as possible. Both TOM and JERRY can be connected conveniently to existing WiFi networks. You can also set up your own network and be completely independent – either with a mobile WiFi router or using LoRa gateways (for JERRY). LoRa is a recommended network for JERRY since it provides a wider signal range and higher stability. More information about LoRa networks can be found on the JERRY page.

Yes, traplinked devices (TOM and JERRY) can be connected conveniently to existing WiFi networks.

Are you working with documentation tools such as Hygitec, PestScan or PestSoft? Great! With the API premium feature, you can conveniently connect the traplinked app to your existing documentation software and stream the digital traps’ live data into your favorite tool!

Digital pest control is a solution that benefits all and its usage is not limited to any specific industry. From food businesses to pharmaceuticals manufacturers or farming sites – digital pest control is always a clean, efficient solution to prevent infestations and reduce losses and damages from pests.

Yes, your customer can after passing a proper training (e.g. in Germany it is the Seminar „Töten von Wirbeltieren gem. §4 Tierschutzgesetz”)

We do not engage in a traditional seller-buyer relationship – we grow together. At traplinked, customers are being involved and actively asked for feedback as well as ideas to further develop solutions. A traplinked customer shapes the future of the products and the company.

We provide a complete, well-thought product-service package: our hardware – permanently remotely monitored digital trap systems TOM and JERRY, our software – free traplinked basic app for trap management and last but not least our competent, project-based consultation and support service.

At traplinked, either it is sales, marketing, production or product development – all departments are customer-oriented. Each activity is around customers and for customers. And we are happy and ready to accompany you in your journey to digital pest control!

It depends on where you start from and what your goals are. With digital pest control you move from deadline-based monitoring of your monitoring to continuous monitoring and can offer effective control on a new level.

New to digital pest control and don’t know where to start? No worries. We have got you covered!

From our experience of consulting thousands of digital projects across Europe, we have gathered all questions you may have before deciding to go digital. Visit our onboarding page now and get well informed about digital pest control with traplinked!

Digital pest control is universally beneficial, yet a young, modern concept compared to traditional pest control. If you are struggling in selling this concept/service, you are not the first one!

We have been helping many customers to overcome this challenge: Not only do we help our customers with marketing materials for their customers, but we also run campaign towards end customers to sell them the digital pest control concept. Join our customer database, be on our map on and take the full benefits of digital pest control with traplinked.

Yes, we offer you a 2-week free trial of our JERRY systems. Within these 2 weeks you can test the setup of the systems and the connection between hardware (JERRY) and software (traplinked app).

Order – Try – Return. The process is very simple! Register now via our free test case page. Please note the test case is supplied for demonstration purposes only and must not be used in the field under any circumstances.


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